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Manual Bypass Allows the user to copy on to different paper stock, without changing paper cassettes or trays. Also used for two-sided copying.
Master Copy The original records or archival materials that are preserved and used to make access copies. Master copies must follow preservation and archival standards for storage and maintenance.
Maximum Copy / Original Size This is refers to the largest size page a photocopier can accept, either as an original or copy.
Maximum coy size Largest size paper that can be put through the machine.
Maximum original size Largest original that can be placed on the glass and copied.
Maximum/Minimum paper weights Paper weights that are recommended for use in the copier.
Meaning The context of information conveyed in a document.
Medium The physical material, container, and/or carrier in or on which information is recorded (i.e. paper, film, magnetic tape).
Metadata Data that describes data such as the context, content and structure of records and their management through time .
MFD (or MFP) Refers to a document production device which can incorporate such features as print, copy, scan, fax and document management.
Multi-copy Greatest number of copies that the copier can be programmed to produce, from one original. Note: differs by model.
Multi-copy speed Number of copies per minute produced from one original in a continuous run after the first copy exits. This is also the maximum copy output speed of the machine.