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B Sizes Less common paper sizes which are used mainly for bigger jobs. E.g. Posters, wall charts etc.
Bates Stamping Primarily used in legal applications, Bates Stamping is the numbering of the legal documents. This was done by hand in the past with a numbering machine manufactured by the Bates Manufacturing Company. The numbers on the documents came to be known by the name of the company and “Bates Stamping” came to mean the process of placing the “Bates Numbers” on the pages. When large numbers of documents are involved, this can be done automatically by printers or during the scanning process.
Bi-tonal Describes graphic and textual images that lack gradation of tone such as a printed document that uses black type on white. In digital imaging this is a 1-bit image mode that can only record black and white without greys. Also called black & white non-continuous tone images.
Big Data The collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications. The challenges include analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualisation, and privacy violations. The advantage of Big Data is the analysis of large data sets that can reveal trends and patterns to help business development and agility.
Bit Depth The number of bits used to form a pixel. In digital imaging bit depth refers to image mode such as greyscale (4 to 8-bit depth), bi-tonal (1-bit depth) or RGB colour (16 to 24-bit depth). Indicates the ability of a file to see and replicate colours and tonal gradation.
Bitmap A grid of pixels or printed dots generated by computer to represent type and images. ‘Bitmapping’ is a term often used to describe the effect where edges of a picture take on a blocky/jagged shape due to errors in image processing or poor resolution.
Bleed Printing where the colour continues off the edge of the paper. While there is no internationally agreed rule, paper exceeding 170gsm is usually referred to as board.
Born Digital Information created in electronic formats such as email, word or html.
Bridge Unit This is an additional unit that some photocopiers require in order to use features like sorters or finishers.
Business Analysis Analysis of the operations, functions, activities and procedures of a department or functional unit.
Business Continuity Procedures to ensure an organisation’s ability to continue operating outside of normal operating conditions.
Business Intelligence The set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. Business Intelligence has generally focused mainly on structured data held within relational databases.
Business Records Records and other materials created or received as part of an organisation’s regular business activities.
Bypass Tray A bypass tray allows the user to directly feed paper into the copier, without using one of the built-in trays. Bypass trays are usually only needed when using no-standard paper that is of a size or weight not suited to the copier.